• MarriageCare Darling Downs views marriage preparation as an investment in the future, leading to the stability of family life. MarriageCare is a resource to support the relationship and promote healthy communication. Pre-marriage sessions offer a unique opportunity to celebrate a couple's strengths, practice positive communication skills, and explore important areas that may present problems later.Read More
  • We offer private marriage preparation services using the renowed FOCCUS Inc USA program which has been used across the globe since 1986. Religious, educational and social institutions are in a prime position to encourage couples to discuss important topics prior to their entry into marriage and increase their chances of staying together.
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  • It is essential that we do all we can to promote healthy, happy, permanent relationships. Overall, marriage reduces the likelihood of illness, both mental and physical, and speeds recovery from trauma.
  • Encouraging couples to discuss a broad range of important topics can help them understand the meaning of their union, discover their individual styles, and learn communication and conflict resolution skills that will enhance their lifelong relationship.